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A quite emotional role for Pete, "Preying for Mercy" shows him as Billy, the son of a police officer with a conflictive past that haunts his family.

"DIRECT TV "- Marionette

In this commercial, Pete proved to be a very lively marionette!

"GASPARD & LISA "- as Gaspard

Pete loved his character, Gaspard! He made lifelong friends with his Big Yellow duck friends. Today, he meets kids everywhere who, once they find out he's Gaspard, they want autographs and have some time with their star.


Pete worked with incredible directors/producers on set. What nobody knew was that actually that morning he was very sick and he and his team had to stop at a gas station to change. His mom didn't think he should go through with it. Pete said.. " if I don't go, they will give my part to someone else!"


Pete spent a week at Chuck E Cheese filming this commercial, fine tuning all the details. He remembers when he went to school, not everyone knew he was an actor. All his friends saw him on the commercial. The best part, he said, was the food and free tokens to play!


Pete loved meeting Heidi Klum and working with her - he states she was professional and beautiful. And more than anything Pete was thrilled and humbled for being part of a UNICEF's campaign.