Pete Harris Actor - VO

Pete is currently working on the upcoming film "Manchester by the Sea", Directed by Ken Lonergan and starring Casey Affleck and Kyle Chandler.

He enjoyed his lead role as Billy Gates in the TV Pilot Preying for Mercy, directed by Bill Duke. He surprised the whole cast and production crew with this role, and was applauded and cheered by everyone. Duke himself referred to him as "A great young actor but more importantly, a beautiful spirit."

Additionally, Pete is recording season 2 of Nickelodeon's Peter Rabbit as Benjamin Bouncer. He is also well known for his role as Gaspard in Disney's Gaspard and Lisa, which he landed after a casting director was captured by his voice.
A kid with a strong sense of commitment, Pete would spend all the necessary hours during his summer vacations finishing recordings for Gaspard and Lisa, without losing his focus and enthusiasm.
In 2010, Pete was signed by Innovative Artists in NYC and L.A, after placing 3rd in his age group during a major competition/audition held at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel in Florida. 50 top agents were scouting for talent, and he was chosen from more than 700 participants.
Born in Boston, MA on April 24th, 2002, Pete has always been a Happy-Go-Lucky kid with tremendous drive, determination and natural talent for acting. He has twin brothers, Devon & Trevor, and resides in Tewksbury, MA. Besides acting, Pete enjoys his pets and going to school with his friends.

Film, Television, Commercial & VO

- "Preying for Mercy" (2013) as Billy Gates

- "Peter Rabbit" (2012-2013) as Benjamin Bouncer

- "Gaspard and Lisa" (2010) as Gaspard